Customer Roles

Customers will pay a $19.99 membership fee monthly that will go to Binding Strings for unlimited dancer friends.  The money will be taken out of their account only after dancers approval in granting access to view her page.  Upon approval customers will be able to view dancers photos, her previous live footage and her current live footage.  They will be able to message and tip her.  They will be able to view her work schedule and ask for private live sessions, with a tip offer.  Dancer keeping 100% of the total tip.


The only way the costumer will be able to add the dancer is if he knows the Dancers Name, City, State and club she works at.  Dancer will log that information on the back end of their profile.  She must keep that information updated upon changes. 

There will also be a search bar on the forums for dancers to look up certain topics already written by other dancers.





Binding Strings is by invite only.  Customer will only be able to see the dancer that they request upon her approval.  They will not be able to see other clients or other dancers. This website is not intended as a sex site, but as a way for people to keep in touch with one another.  A way for dancers to manage clients and clients being able to get a inside look of her life.

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